Feminist Music Geek Presents … JOUISSANCE

Madonna, "Justify My Love" (1990, dir. Jean-Baptiste Mondino)

Madonna, “Justify My Love” (1990, dir. Jean-Baptiste Mondino)

Some time ago, I wrote about “jouissance,” a derivative of the French verb “jouir”–“to enjoy”–which has been used to describe an intense feeling of pleasure that it forces the subject to split apart and dissolve. This playlist was inspired by a text message I received from a friend once that said “the only time I really understand jouissance is when I listen to pop.” Here’s a set of songs that make me dissolve with pleasure.

1. Chairlift – Sidewalk Safari (Something; Columbia/Young Turks, 2012)
2. Finally Punk! – Boyfriend Application (Casual Goths; M’lady Records, 2009)
3. Purity Ring – Fineshrine (Shrines; 4AD, 2012)
4. George Maple – Fixed (Fixed single; self-released, 2013)
5. The Raincoats – In Love (The Raincoats; Rough Trade, 1994)
6. Itoro Udofia – Love Initiative (Love Initiative single; self-released, 2014)
7. Lower Dens – I Get Nervous (Twin-Hand Movement; Gnomonsong, 2010)
8. The Julie Ruin – Just My Kind (Run Fast; Dischord/TJR, 2013)
9. Aretha Franklin – Day Dreaming (Young, Gifted, and Black; Atlantic, 1972)
10. Electrelane – On Parade (The Power Out; Too Pure/Beggars Banquet, 2004)
11. Mary Wells – Two Lovers (Two Lovers and Other Great Hits; Motown, 1963)
12. Chalk Circle – Subversive Pleasure (Reflection; Mississippi Records, 2010)
13. Dottie and Minnie – Nothing In This World (Nothing In This World; Topper, 1966)
14. Charli XCX – Nuclear Seasons (True Romance; Asylum/Atlantic, 2013)
15. Jacqueline Taieb – Le cœur au bout des doigts (C’est Chic! French Girl Singers of the 1960s; Ace International, 2010)
16. The Blow – Parentheses (Paper Television; K Records, 2006)
17. Cat Power – Could We (The Greatest; Matador, 2006)
18. Hologram Kizzie – Need Love Too (Free Hugs; Rhymesayers, 2013)

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